CSF Error: *WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP::Tiny

You can see the issue below when installing the ConfigServer Security Firewall (csf) or restarting CSF.. *WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but Perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP:: Tiny


*WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but Perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP::Tiny


If you do, don’t worry, it’s just that you’re missing few Perl modules that CSF needs to operate properly. To solve this issue,

please install the following packages:

yum install perl-libwww-perl net-tools perl-LWP-Protocol-https -y

Or, if you’re running Ubuntu, Debian or another apt-based Linux distro, try the following:

apt-get install libwww-perl -y

Ubuntu users may also need to install ‘ sendmail ‘ and ‘ unzip ‘ while you’re at it, so check that you have those too. You should be able to restart CSF once this is achieved without seeing the error message above. Well done! ?



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cloudlinux csf Check for DNS recursion restrictions

Check for DNS recursion restrictions

About the recursion, I would just edit your own /etc/named.conf file and add this line:

allow-recursion { localnets; };

Somewhere in the

options {


It might look like this then:

Don’t forget to restart named.

For exim, edit your /etc/exim.conf and look under log_selector.
It should contain these settings:

Most are already present in your exim.conf, just add the ones that are missing.

After that, restart exim.

Mostly if you click on the notices CSF gives you, it will show you the solution how to fix it.

csf CloudLinux Disable ptrace error tips

Ptrace block

Starting with kernel 3.10.0-427.18.s2.lve1.4.21 ( CloudLinux 7) and 2.6.32-673.26.1.lve1.4.17 ( CloudLinux 6) we re-implemented ptrace block to protect against ptrace family of vulnerabilities. It prevents end user from using any ptrace related functionality, including such commands as strace, lsof or gdb .

By default, CloudLinux doesn’t prevent ptrace functionality.


kernel.user_ptrace = 1
kernel.user_ptrace_self = 1

The option kernel.user_ptrace disables PTRACE_ATTACH functionality, option kernel.user_ptrace_self disables PTRACE_TRACEME .

To disable all ptrace functionality change both sysctl options to 0, add this section to /etc/sysctl.conf :

## CL. Disable ptrace for users
kernel.user_ptrace = 0
kernel.user_ptrace_self = 0

Apply changes with:

$ sysctl -p